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First-Year Students

The Immersive Media Design Program offers a Bachelor of Arts, Emerging Creatives and Bachelor of Science, Computing with courses in Immersive Media Design, Art, and Computer Science. Immersive Media Design is a limited enrollment program intended for students dedicated to the craft of immersive media and making their way in this emerging field. As a limited enrollment program, there is a more competitive admission criteria beyond the university's general requirements.

Prospective University of Maryland students, who are interested in Immersive Media Design should indicate it as their preferred major on their online application. There is no artistic portfolio required at the time of a students application to the University; however, we encourage students to highlight any relevant artistic or computing experience in their application where appropriate. Admitted UMD students will be reviewed for admission to Immersive Media Design and notified of their decision. Students who are admitted to UMD but not to Immersive Media Design will be placed in Letters and Sciences, where they will work to complete the gateway requirements for the program.

The College of Arts and Humanities combines an innovative liberal arts education with practical career skills that last a lifetime. You’ll immerse yourself in the great ideas of literary, artistic and cultural history, and, in the process, develop your creativity, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving and communication skills—qualities crucial for any career. Our graduates represent the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs, diplomats, archivists, journalists, entertainers, scholars, educators, lawyers and doctors.


ARHU In Action

The thirst for new knowledge is a fundamental and defining characteristic of humankind. It is also at the heart of scientific endeavor and discovery. As we seek to understand our world, across a host of complexly interconnected phenomena and over scales of time and distance that were virtually inaccessible to us a generation ago, our discoveries shape that world. At the forefront of many of these discoveries is the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences (CMNS).


First-Time Student Fact Sheet

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