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Cy Keener on a boat looking out over the ocean

Environmental Art

We deploy arctic ice trackers to artistically show how climate change is impacting sea levels.

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doctor using augmented reality to help a patient

Emergency Care in AR

We are developing tools based in augmented reality to improve emergency medicine.

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two people in a room in front of a computer one in VR and one guiding them through the berlin wall VR experience

History in VR

We partnered with the Newseum in Washington D.C., to experience a virtual dash to freedom over the Berlin Wall.

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physically rendered green car on a black street with solid yellow line and blue sky with clouds in the background

Physically-Based Rendering

We are developing algorithms to make objects appear more realistic in AR and VR

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woman wearing VR headset experiencing VR to better recall memory

Memory Recall in VR

Our study found that people recall information better through a virtual reality headset opposed to a traditional desktop setting.

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multi-sensory exhibition by Shannon Collis

Immersive Spaces

We create multi-sensory exhibitions to experience public spaces in innovative, immersive ways.

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