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Portfolio Submission

For Immersive Media Design students currently in IMDM227 a portfolio review is required for continuation in their degree program. Both the Bachelor of Science, Computing and the Bachelor of Arts, Emerging Creatives are required to submit a portfolio.

The application process will begin on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Students will have until Monday, November 7, 2022 at 5PM to submit their portfolios. Portfolios can be submitted via this link.

  1. Must be in an Immersive Media Design degree program (or currently in IMDM227 with the intention of applying for the spring semester).
  2. Minimum overall GPA of 2.7
  3. Must have completed, or be in progress of completing, the following courses with a C- or higher:
    • ARTT100: Two-Dimensional Design Fundamentals
    • ARTT110: Elements of Drawing I (B.A. students only)
    • IMDM101: Introduction to Immersive Media
    • IMDM127: Creative Coding for Digital Media or CMSC131: Object-Oriented Programming I or CMSC133: Object-Oriented Programming I Beyond Fundamentals
    • CMSC132: Object-Oriented Programming II (B.S. students only)
    • MATH140: Calculus I (B.S. students only)
    • IMDM227: Introduction to Computational Media

Each applicant must submit a portfolio, an essay, and unofficial transcript. Applications not including all the required components will be incomplete and not considered.

Applicants are encouraged to attend the application information session prior to submitting their portfolio.

The online application process can be found here (link forthcoming).

The application will be open on October 24, 2022; students will be able to submit a portfolio through November 7th.

Each applicant must upload 7-10 single image files that highlight their work in Art, Computer Science, and Immersive Media Design. Students should aim for 1-2 works from their Immersive Media Design degree required courses including, but not limited to: ARTT110, ARTT100, (IMDM127 or CMSC131 or CMSC133), and IMDM101. Students may submit work from more advanced coursework (e.g., CMSC132 or ARTT210) and/or the first half of IMDM227 if applicable. Students may submit up to 3 personal works not directly from their coursework.

Upload images as .jpg files. They should be clear, in-focus, color-corrected and of ample resolution. Crop out any extraneous background. If submitting time-based or interactive work, upload one representative still image and include a YouTube, Vimeo, or other link to its online presence. If submitting a programming piece, please upload a screenshot representing the output of the code and upload the code through SecureShare here.

Each image should not exceed 2 MB.

Include the following information for each work: one or two sentence description, medium, dimensions or running time, and date of completion.

The application can be found here.

Each applicant must submit a statement of purpose expressing their interest in Immersive Media Design; how their work fits within the program; their personal, academic, and career goals within the field; and how they plan to achieve those goals.

The essay should be approximately 2 pages or 800-1000 words, double-spaced, 12pt font. 

You can download your unofficial advising transcript via Testudo. We do not require an official transcript. If you are having issues downloading your unofficial transcript, please email us at without delay so we may assist you through this process (please make sure you include your full name and 9-digit UID number).

Applications will be reviewed throughout November and students will receive their decision before the November break. Students whose initial portfolio submission was not accepted, have the ability to appeal.

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