Matthias Zwicker
Lead Faculty

Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Computer Science

A computer visualization expert who develops high-quality rendering and signal processing techniques that are used for computer graphics, data-driven modeling and animation.


Brandon Morse
Lead Faculty

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Art

A digital artist who works with generative systems to examine the ways in which physical phenomena can function as both poetic and metaphorical visual landscapes.


Roger Eastman
IMD Director

Professor of the Practice in Computer Science

A computer scientist whose research focuses on AI and robotics, computer vision and machine perception, and graphic visualization with VR and AR.


Alyssa Ryan
IMD Assistant Director

An academic advisor whose primary research interests include the retention and persistence of LGBTQ+ students in STEM and faculty issues as they relate to women faculty, LGBTQ+ faculty, and faculty of color in STEM disciplines.


Amitabh Varshney

Professor of Computer Science and CMNS Dean

A leading researcher in developing virtual and augmented reality applications used for emergency medicine, education and training, and the visual and performing arts.


Maria Herd

Communications Coordinator

A multimedia communications specialist focused on immersive media, social media and computer science.


Mollye Bendell

Studio Arts Lecturer

An artist who makes digital and analog sculptures to connect with digital and analog worlds. Mollye’s work uses the intangible nature of electronic media as a metaphor for exploring vulnerability, visibility, and longing in a world that can feel isolating.


Jonathan David Martin

IMD Lecturer

A director, producer, and performer working at the intersection of augmented and virtual reality, documentaries, and live performance. Jonathan creates work that engages with contemporary social issues and explores new forms of storytelling. Contact him at martinjd@umd.edu.


Cy Keener

Assistant Professor of Art

An interdisciplinary artist who uses environmental sensing and kinetic sculpture to record and represent environmental phenomena.


Shannon Leah Collis

Associate Professor of Art

An interdisciplinary artist who focuses on creating installations and interactive environments that explore various ways in which digital technologies can transform perception of audio and visual stimuli.


Evan Golub

Principal Lecturer of Computer Science

A senior lecturer and researcher whose interests lie in human-computer interaction, intergenerational design teams and educational technology.


Huaishu Peng

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

A human-computer interaction expert who designs hardware and software systems to enable interactive 3D modeling.


Daniel Brown

Faculty Research Assistant

A 3D artist whose research focuses on expanding and exploring the UX design of AR and VR applications.


Stevens Miller

Computer Science Lecturer

A lawyer and computer programmer whose primary area of interest is procedural modeling for run-time creation of 3D environments.